The Copper Canyon - Mexico Road Trip Recap

The Copper Canyon – Mexico Road Trip Recap

A friend of mine mentioned wanting to visit Mexico's Copper Canyon. I'd heard about this place ever since I was a kid, though I didn't know much about it. Looking at a few pictures convinced me - YES! Let's go!

(It's so hard to convince me to take a road trip!) ;) ...
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Route for Zennie's 2017 US Road Trip, Summer Chill-Out

Summer Chill-Out – US road trip recap

I was sitting in Tucson during June 2017, trying to work on some Zennie projects in temps that reached 115 degrees. :( Eventually, I came to my senses, and realized that I shouldn't be there!

It was definitely time for a US road trip! My first thought was to get to some mountains, FAST, in search of high elevations, tall pine trees, and brisk alpine air... ...
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Route for the 2017 Sonora Sojourn

Sonora Sojourn – Mexico road trip recap

Trip theme: Beaches and exploration!

I was following the Sonoran coastline, which of course involves beaches on the Sea of Cortez. And I was also planning to drive the "new highway" along the coast -- so new that it didn't even show up on any of my maps.

How could a trip like that not be a ton of fun? :) ...
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