It’s one of the most questions I hear… “Just how much does living in an RV full time cost?”

There are also the variations:

    • “How can you afford to travel full time?”
    • “I’d love to try living in an RV full time, but I’m not sure I can afford it.”
    • “I like the concept of full time RVing, but how much would I need to spend a month?”

Unfortunately, it’s a lot easier to ask these questions than answer them! But I’ll do my best on this page to share my own answers about how much living in your RV full time costs.

My answers may vary tremendously from somebody else’s answers, but the “Budget Basics” below will help explain the wide range of answers! 🙂

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How much do you need? Full time RV Budget Basics

How much does your full time RV budget need to be? Figures vary widely, but if you're thinking of getting into this traveling lifestyle, it's a good question.

Some people just hit the road and go until the money runs out, but if you hope to make this a long-term arrangement, you may want a better handle on the money side of things!

So the bottom line? ...
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Living in an RV full time cost – Road trip expenses

Enough with the generalities! Do you want some actual real-life numbers? Some actual budget crunching and bottom line results?

Here’s where I break down the actual expenses from my various road trips. You can see every dollar spent during the trip, and exactly how much traveling in an RV full time cost me.

What's my Baja RV trip budget?

Baja RV trip budget – Mexico road trip cost

Thinking of a road trip to Mexico's sunny Baja Peninsula? Here's what you need to plan your Baja RV trip ...
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