Colorado - The Centennial State

The Rocky Mountains in Colorado are simply stunning, with the most “14ers” in the US. Summer or winter, there’s a vast playground right outside.

And the roads give Zennie a workout, too! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Colorado camping and attractions

Route for Zennie's 2017 US Road Trip, Summer Chill-Out

Summer Chill-Out – US road trip recap

I was sitting in Tucson during June 2017, trying to work on some Zennie projects in temps that reached 115 ...
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Western art in Montrose, Colorado

Free camping in Montrose, Colorado

Montrose may not have the eye-popping scenery of Ouray, but this farming community near the end of the Million Dollar ...
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View while driving the Million Dollar Highway

Zennie vs. The Rockies – Driving the Million Dollar Highway

The Million Dollar Highway is one of the most spectacular drives in the country. It winds through the Colorado Rocky ...
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5-star boondocking site along Colorado's East Fork Road

Five-star boondocking – East Fork Road, Colorado

A lot of free boondocking campsites are great for a night or two, but occasionally you find a prize spot ...
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San Luis Lake free camping has lovely views

Free electricity! Cool campsite near Great Sand Dunes

Who ever heard of a free campground that even provides free electrical hookups? It's a rarity for sure! Now let's ...
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Log cabins along Lake Como Rd

Free camping, giant dunes, and a ghost town too!

For free camping near the Great Sand Dunes, here's one good option. This Colorado boondocking spot along Lake Como Road ...
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Some Colorado pix