It often seems (to other people and to me too), that this must be the perfect life! I can just wander around with my camper, going wherever the latest whim takes us. Uphill Zen life is pretty darn sweet! 😎

But like anything, there are ups and downs. Good days and bad ones. Times when everything’s rolling right along, and others when it seems like the Universe is conspiring against us!

Even so, I wouldn’t want to change it for anything!

But I want to share some thoughts on what it’s REALLY like, living out on the road, with no fixed home, so this where I’ll do that!

Life on the road

The Gaia app is perfect for overland travel

Gaia app: A must-have GPS tool for travelers

GPS is one of those magical technologies that rocked the world, and the Gaia app is an outgrowth from that ...
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Boondocking gets you to wonderful places

RV Boondocking for Beginners

Want to know how to travel extensively with your RV, staying in gorgeous places with all the space in the ...
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GPS waypoints are so useful for overland trip planning

How to use GPS to plan an overland trip

You probably use GPS for on-the-road navigation, but do you know how much more it can do? Find out how ...
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5-star boondocking site along Colorado's East Fork Road

How much do you need? Full time RV Budget Basics

How much does your full time RV budget need to be? Figures vary widely, but if you're thinking of getting ...
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View while driving the Million Dollar Highway

Zennie vs. The Rockies – Driving the Million Dollar Highway

The Million Dollar Highway is one of the most spectacular drives in the country. It winds through the Colorado Rocky ...
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Sample of a Motor Vehicle Use Map

Finding campsites using a Motor Vehicle Use Map

When I'm looking for a good boondocking campsite, I usually research it beforehand. I have some standard information sources, that ...
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Treasure found! Newspaper headline

On the Trail of the Hidden Treasure

One of the great pleasures of traveling is meeting cool, interesting people along the way. Sometimes they can give you ...
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Field mouse

Eeek! Zennie has a mouse! How do I get rid of it?

It all started the night I was camped at the ghost town cemetery. There were strange noises in the night, ...
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Gateway to Dawson New Mexico

Dawson, New Mexico – Grandpa and the ghost town

Dawson is a ghost town in northeastern New Mexico. Like so many abandoned places, it was a mining town whose ...
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Ouch! Vintage sign

Ouch! Getting hurt on the road

Nobody likes to get sick. Or hurt. Or anything that leaves you feeling like less than your normal capable self ...
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Life is good! 😎