This is where Zennie and I started our travels – in the USA. The map shows the places we traveled together.

Of course, I’ve gone to more places without Zennie, and she’s gone other places without me. I’m not including those here, to avoid those awkward discussions… 😉

Uphill Zen travels in the USA
Travels with Zennie in the United States

Wherever we’ve gone, we’ve discovered beautiful and fascinating places. Some are magnificent and awe-inspiring, others small and charming, but all of them are wonderful to experience.

Time after time, I arrive somewhere and wish I could spend longer — a week here or a month there would be wonderful! It would be easy to spend a lifetime exploring the US, but there’s still the rest of the world to see, too… 😀

Posts from our United States travels

Gorgeous cliffs of the Forks campground

Cliffs and Camping at the Gila Forks

I'm camped at this lovely spot right above the Gila River, with fabulous cliffs just across the way. From my ...
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Campsite at Cattlemen Trail

New Mexico free camping – Cattlemen Trail boondocking

Most of the Gila forest is north of Silver City, but there's a little piece to the south, in the ...
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USA, State by State

Where do you want to go? (My all-time favorite question to ponder!)

Click on any state below to see some favorite places, campgrounds, boondocking campsites, and whatever else we found!

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