Boondocking with rainbows! Robbers Gulch, Wyoming

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If you’re traveling through Wyoming, and looking for a boondocking spot for a night or a week, then think about the free camping at Robbers Gulch. It’s BLM land, and a nice place to enjoy some solitude and the wide open spaces!

Zennie free camping at Robbers Gulch
Talk about wide open space! Think we’ve got enough privacy here?

Free camping at Robbers Gulch, Wyoming

I made it to Wyoming! I wanted to get across the border from Colorado, and then find a good free place to stay. Robbers Gulch Road fit the bill perfectly!

This is a BLM boondocking site in southern Wyoming. As you might expect in this part of the west, there are sweeping vistas, enormous skies, and not many people!

And rainbows! It didn’t rain much at all, just a little bit of blowing drizzle. But when it cleared up after 15 minutes or so, there was this gorgeous double rainbow. That made me feel like I was right where I should be! 🙂

Double rainbow while camping at Robbers Gulch Rd
Double rainbow! Now all we need is a pot of gold! 🙂

Why camp at Robbers Gulch Road?

There’s really nothing nearby, which can be a great thing if you want to get away, and you’re prepared for it!

I stopped by here on my way from Colorado up to the Tetons, and it made a great overnight place. I probably wouldn’t come here as a destination, unless I had a camper project that I wanted some peace and quiet to work on.

There was no T-Mobile cell service, though I found that to be pretty common in Wyoming. (Oddly enough, my phone seems to work much better in Mexico than Wyoming!) Perhaps with a different carrier you could get service here. If you had internet access, then free camping at Robbers Gulch would also be ideal for getting some online work done.

Or why not just kick back, relax, read a book during the day, and enjoy these sunsets in the evening?

Sunset while free camping at Robbers Gulch
Sunset glow from Robbers Gulch boondocking site

Getting to the free camping at Robbers Gulch

If you’re entering Wyoming from the south on highway 789, turn left (West) onto Robbers Gulch road, and follow it until you start seeing signs of previous campers. The first half mile is State Trust Land, which isn’t open for camping, but after that it becomes BLM land.

I didn’t see any sign marking the boundary, but once you go a ways down the road, you’ll see plenty of places that are flat, open, and show signs that people have parked there before. A little bit further, and you’ll see the road fork, giving you even more options.

Welcome to Wyoming sign
Welcome to the wide open spaces of Wyoming! 🙂

One thing to watch out for is the gopher holes. (At least, I hope that’s what was living in those holes!) Some of them are sizable enough that I plotted a course to avoid them.

Personally, I didn’t go too far along the road because it looked like it might rain, and I didn’t want to deal with a muddy road more than necessary. Actually, the rain barely materialized, certainly not enough to affect the road conditions, but I was happy enough where I was.

As you can see from the pictures above, there is nothing around here, so you need to have everything you need. Once again, I was delighted that I have solar power!

There was one other vehicle that drove in after me, and set up camp on top of a hill. They were close enough that I could see a little black speck on the hill, but far enough that I wouldn’t know what it was if I hadn’t seen them go by. So there was plenty of privacy and space for everybody! 🙂

Robbers Gulch Road – Bureau of Land Management
Boondocking campsite. Free camping along a dirt road on BLM land. No real campsites, but lots of places you could go. No facilities, and nothing nearby but wide open spaces. Plan to be self sufficient! I had no T-Mobile cell service.

Rating: 3 ***
Altitude: 6,496 ft
GPS: 41.21675, -107.71854
Price: Free

Questions? Comments?

Have you done any free camping at Robbers Gulch Road? Do you have any other spots in southern Wyoming that you’d recommend? Please share your thoughts in the Reply section below. Thanks! 🙂

I stayed at this campground as part of my Summer Chill-Out. For info on other places I camped during this journey, see the Summer Chill-Out Road Trip Recap.

PHOTO CREDITS: Deanna Keahey

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