View while driving the Million Dollar Highway

Zennie vs. The Rockies – Driving the Million Dollar Highway

The Million Dollar Highway is one of the most spectacular drives in the country. It winds through the Colorado Rocky Mountains, crossing 3 passes over 10,000 feet. It's a narrow, twisting, two-lane road with hairpin turns, steep drop-offs, and no guard rails.

When Zennie and I drove the Million Dollar Highway, I was afraid she was a goner... :( ...
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Field mouse

Eeek! Zennie has a mouse! How do I get rid of it?

It all started the night I was camped at the ghost town cemetery. There were strange noises in the night, but they didn't sound very ghostly!

Later, while tossing and turning during a sleepless night, I got up and turned on the interior light. Even without my glasses, I could see a pointy little head sticking out from my dinette area. Eeek! ...
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Painting the roof with elastomeric paint

Zennie needs to chill! Painting the roof to keep it cool

Zennie has a metal roof, and boy, does it get hot up there! :o On hot sunny days in the desert, the roof can get so hot you can't touch it without burning yourself. I'm not sure exactly how hot that is, but I've felt it too many times!

This heat is a problem, and I'd read that painting your RV roof can make a real difference. ...
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