Sample of a Motor Vehicle Use Map

Finding campsites with a Motor Vehicle Use Map

When I'm looking for a good boondocking campsite, I usually research it beforehand. I have some standard information sources, that usually turn up a few good alternatives.

But sometimes I come up empty. Some parts of the country just haven't been traveled that much, or at least not by people who write about it! So what's a person to do? ...
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Field mouse

Eeek! Zennie has a mouse! How do I get rid of it?

It all started the night I was camped at the ghost town cemetery. There were strange noises in the night, but they didn't sound very ghostly!

Later, while tossing and turning during a sleepless night, I got up and turned on the interior light. Even without my glasses, I could see a pointy little head sticking out from my dinette area. Eeek! ...
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Ouch! Vintage sign

Ouch! Getting hurt on the road

Nobody likes to get sick. Or hurt. Or anything that leaves you feeling like less than your normal capable self.

But stuff happens, right? Even when you're on the road, traveling by yourself through who knows where. Perhaps you're way off in the boonies, with miles of nothing between you and any kind of help. ...
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