Visiting the Mayan ruins at Edzna

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I don’t know what the name “Edzna” means, but I would guess “Place of the iguanas”. I have never seen so many of these creatures anywhere else in my life! It seems they’ve taken over the city – prehistoric reptiles living among the ancient stones of the Mayan ruins at Edzna.

Hacienda San Lorenzo and Cenote Oxman, Mexico

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The historic Hacienda San Lorenzo is different from the abandoned haciendas that lie in ruins around the Yucatan. This is no grey shadow of a place – it’s a brightly painted, beautifully maintained property. There’s a hidden treasure here, too… the fabulous Cenote Oxman.

How much do you need? Full time RV Budget Basics

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How much does your full time RV budget need to be? Figures vary widely, but if you’re thinking of getting into this traveling lifestyle, it’s a good question.

Some people just hit the road and go until the money runs out, but if you hope to make this a long-term arrangement, you may want a better handle on the money side of things!

So the bottom line?

Summer Chill-Out – US road trip recap

I was sitting in Tucson during June 2017, trying to work on some Zennie projects in temps that reached 115 degrees. 🙁 Eventually, I came to my senses, and realized that I shouldn’t be there!

It was definitely time for a US road trip! My first thought was to get to some mountains, FAST, in search of high elevations, tall pine trees, and brisk alpine air…

The coolest canyon you’ve never heard of

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I didn’t even know this place existed until I saw it on a map. How did I miss this for so long? I think there’s just so much competition from the spectacular places in southern Utah (Zion, Bryce, Canyonlands, Escalante, …), that the northern part of the state is overshadowed. But way up north lies Flaming Gorge, and it’s a super cool canyon, too!

Free camping by the river, near downtown Montrose

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Montrose may not have the eye-popping scenery of Ouray, but this farming community near the end of the Million Dollar Highway makes a good place to stop for a night.

The town provides free RV campsites by the trail along the river, and it’s also easy walking distance to downtown. If you’re passing through, it’s an easy place to stop and make use of the town’s facilities.

Five-star boondocking in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains

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A lot of free boondocking campsites are great for a night or two, but occasionally you find a prize spot that’s glorious enough to be a destination in itself!

In my book, this free campsite at East Fork Road qualifies. It’s stunningly beautiful, between towering cliffs and a lovely river. There are also plenty of cool things to do in the area. I didn’t want to leave! 🙂

Free electricity! Cool campsite near Great Sand Dunes

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Who ever heard of a free campground that even provides free electrical hookups? It’s a rarity for sure!

Now let’s add a few other things… Nice campground with good facilities, short drive to the Great Sand Dunes, view of the lake and mountains, plenty of space and privacy, quiet nights, and good cell service. All that, and it’s free?

Free camping, giant dunes, and a ghost town too!

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For free camping near the Great Sand Dunes, here’s one good option. This Colorado boondocking spot along Lake Como Road is near enough to the National Park that it’s easy to visit. But here you get a free campsite with wide open views, and hiking access into the Sangre de Cristo Wilderness.

Those who are energetic can use climb the three local peaks that are over 14,000 feet. Or if you’re like me, there’s a cool old ghost town to explore!

Echo Amphitheater campground, New Mexico

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If you’re looking for a lovely free campground while you’re exploring the O’Keeffe country of New Mexico, here’s a great option for you!

Just over 10 miles north of Ghost Ranch is the Echo Amphitheater campground, and though they used to charge money to stay here, nowadays it’s free. 🙂

Brazos Overlook, an unofficial campsite

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If you’re in northern New Mexico, the northern drive across the Carson National Forest on highway 64 is gorgeous!! It’s a high-altitude drive, with pine and fir forests interspersed with brilliant green valleys.

And for a free (and super scenic) place to spend the night

Finding campsites with a Motor Vehicle Use Map

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When I’m looking for a good boondocking campsite, I usually research it beforehand. I have some standard information sources, that usually turn up a few good alternatives.

But sometimes I come up empty. Some parts of the country just haven’t been traveled that much, or at least not by people who write about it! So what’s a person to do?

On the Trail of the Hidden Treasure

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One of the great pleasures of traveling is meeting cool, interesting people along the way. Sometimes they can give you glimpses into ways of life that you never imagined. Whenever that happens, I feel like my world got a little bit larger.

That’s what happened when I met Tom the Treasure Hunter.

Taos Junction – Free camping near Ojo Caliente, New Mexico

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Ojo Caliente is a famous hot springs resort west of Taos, and quite a luxurious place to stay. But if you don’t feel like paying the big bucks they ask for a room there, there is free camping nearby.

Just boondock at Taos Junction (about 10 miles north), and you can use the resort’s facilities – soak in the hot springs, hike the trails, or get a spa treatment. And think about how much money you’re saving while you do it! 😉

Eeek! Zennie has a mouse! How do I get rid of it?

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It all started the night I was camped at the ghost town cemetery. There were strange noises in the night, but they didn’t sound very ghostly!

Later, while tossing and turning during a sleepless night, I got up and turned on the interior light. Even without my glasses, I could see a pointy little head sticking out from my dinette area. Eeek!